hudební profil Orza project:

hudební profil Orza project


How the ORZA PROJECT came into being


Milan Rehak got the nickname ''ORZA'' in theearly childhood already. His very first guitar was bought for him by hisgrandma and aunty from Vienna, sometime in the year 1968. At that time hevisited Italy and Austria with his parents. When by decision of his parents,they were returning back to Czechoslovakia being occupied then by Russians, hesuspected that there will not be a good fate for him in there.

In the year of 1978 he got sick suddenly witha serious illness in his ears. (At that time he was in the band called''ORNAMENT''). He sought the treatment with specialists, and he hoped to get ahelp from them. But they behaved negatively and in a very strange way. Thedesperate Orza then asked for a resettlement away from a CommunistCzechoslovakia into Austria for a reason of a proper treatment of his earillness. Unfortunately, his request was declined. With the help of his friendshe managed to get into one of the Prague's hospitals, where he was supposed toundergo a needed surgery. But because of his political stance, being againstthe regime, instead of the planned surgery, he was incarcerated by the STBPolice.

After he got released from the prison, wherehis health condition seriously deteriorated, he finally got into another ofPrague's hospital. One doctor, who provided to Orza the admission to necessarysurgery, was forced to advice him that because of intervention from theCommunist Party and STB Police, he was forbidden to receive him to the hospitalfor the surgery.

Because of that, there was a worsening ofOrza's illness and there were difficulties arising from that with irreversibleconsequences.

Further musical activity before the audienceswas not possible anymore for Orza. Even after the 1989 political change and a''velvet con'', which was organised in such a way by the KGB and STB Police byRussians' influenced children of the criminals from the previous era, that theywould get to the political and economical power, so Orza could not get any satisfaction.

On the contrary, from those criminals thereare further injustices for Orza.

Because by the previous (and today's)Communist Regime Orza was robbed of his health and hope to present his musicalproduction publicly, so he started to devote himself to studio production withthe support of his friends, after his initial difficulties.

He composes musical themes and songs, whichhe plays and records. He presents his production under the title ORZA PROJECT.